perjantaina, heinäkuuta 17, 2009

Exquisite corpse

blindfolded radar sings
start using an hourglass
wide plank ceiling
disturbances of meaning
circled square meter clot
because they are visual colors
orbiting a neutron star
then it crashed

by Kristian Blomberg, Mikael, Brygger, Christian Bök, Geof Huth, Nancy Fry Huth, Karri Kokko, Marko Niemi & Henriikka Tavi

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troylloyd kirjoitti...


( crashing corpse
inked exquisitely )

tophat jigsaw,
shake it up.

plumber for hire:
R. Mutt
will work for checkmate

A regarder d'un oeil,
de près, pendant presque une heure

Satu Kaikkonen kirjoitti...

Upeaa, että sait tämän talteen (mihinkäs se suomenkielinen lause hukkui? =))

Ohjeenihan oli : do as i say or do not...

Lopputulos on upea! Christian Bök luki sen mahtavasti selviten myös

troylloyd kirjoitti...

hei hej hey Satu!
= )

"Ohjeenihan oli : do as i say or do not. . ."
= ))

& yes indeed, Christian Bök is a mighty reader!

the first time i ever heard him read was this:
ubu hubbub

needless to say, my brains were blown out!

what about you guys doing a vispo exquisite corpse?

that would be awesome!

= )
smileys to you!

it was cool reading about your presentation on Geof's blog, i wish i was there!

Satu Kaikkonen kirjoitti...

Thanks troy,

i had a wonderfulll time there...

i wish too that you could have been there...

but i see that you are there in your spirit...