sunnuntaina, elokuuta 02, 2009

Geof as seen by Josefin

Tyttäreni Josefin, 13, vieraili parin päivän ajan Saaren kartanossa järjestetyssä visuaalisen runouden työpajassa. Tuloksena oli 60 kuvan sarja (josta olen kieltämättä tavattoman ylpeä).

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troylloyd kirjoitti...

cool pic,
thanks for sharing
hands look

"barefoot in the head"
is one of my favorite
expressions, i first came
across it via the title of a 1969 Brian W. Aldiss sci-fi book, but since then became a hit disco song among other things, but that's not important...

...what i wanted to convey is, how Geof lives barefoot in the head as a matter of principle, unafraid & always ready to explore, an intense enthusiasm which will infect anybody within his radius, a glorious human, if you will, i had to say this because of the expression on his face, that kind of honest warmth is quite rare & it is reassuring to know his bare feet walk across this planet...