perjantaina, kesäkuuta 12, 2009

The Holy Modal Rounders

A few anagrams based on one of my all-time favorite bands:

snyder hoodlum oral
moderns dull hooray
enormous hydra doll

and of course:

horrendous am lloyd

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troylloyd kirjoitti...

"horrendous am lloyd"

; ) haha

no joke, this is crazy syncronicity!

last night i was watching this video about the f u g s from Swedish teevee,

HMR's were involved with the Fugs, i got turned on to the Holy Modal Rounders by hearing their song, "bound to lose", which i rank as among one of my favorite all time songs, i was lucky to have recorded it on tape off latenight radio, the Georia Tech radiostaion is really great, i had to go out & get the Indian War Whoop, they're a great band, i love them!

diggin' yr anagrammit series!

Karri Kokko kirjoitti...

Oh my! I was even lucky to see the HMR play live, in Copenhagen in 1972. They played free every night for a week in Christiania, the Free Town (with Sam Shepard playing the drums and falling off his stool all the time). I've seen everybody--or I at least I got their license! Also, I saw Stampfel and Weber play in New York one night, musta been 1999 or so. I went to talk to them and asked about the Christiania gig. Their memories of it, if possible, were even more vague than mine. It was the times, ya know.

troylloyd kirjoitti...

i actually have a small trinket from Christiania, a pot stash box, my friend is a carpenter & somehow he got hooked up with this guy from Denmark who hired him to fly over & remodel a house, it was kind of funny because my friend didn't realize everything would be metric & it nearly drove him crazy!

me? i prefer the metric system, it's much more logical & easier to use than fractions.

ever heard of Group 1850?
from the Netherlands, their early music was totally wild psychedelia,

but i would have really loved to see Pärson Sound playing live, i dig that eastern influenced raga drone w/ trippy electronics, great stuff.