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Vispo workshop

Following is a note I posted in Facebook and sent via email to friends and colleagues today:

I’m in the process of setting up a visual poetry workshop to be held at the Saari Residence, in Finland, July 13 thru 27, 2009. Attending as our international guest is the American visual poet, Geof Huth.

There will be free accommodations for up to 6 or 8 poets, provided by a grant from Kone Foundation, the owner of the residence (all other costs will be paid by you personally). A few of us will be there for the whole two-week period, talking and making poetry. But I’m also thinking shorter spot visits by those interested: lectures, talks, performances, exhibits, show cases, you name it. A one-day event, open to everybody, that includes poetry reading and all kinds of socializing, is furthermore in our plans.

Now, would you be willing to take part in the workshop? If so, please send me an informal application that answers, in effect, these two questions: 1) For how long would you like to spend at the workshop? 2) What would be your contribution to the workshop? All kinds of ideas and suggestions, as to the program, schedule, and possible participants, are more than welcome. Send your application by December 15, 2008, via email, to the following address: karridotkokkoatgmaildotcom.

Karri Kokko

About the Saari Residence
About Geof Huth
PS. I'm writing this in English for the obvious reason: most communication at the workshop will be conducted in said language in regard to our American guest, Geof Huth. That doesn't mean, however, that the visual poetry produced, or discussed, at the workshop should be limited to English, or any other language, for that matter.

Please spread the word!

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