maanantaina, tammikuuta 14, 2008

nigh't pain't

Thanks, Geof. As for me, I was so much into "pain" that I didn't even think of the possibility of "ain't." What a relief!

PS: Two posts down, you'll find my translation of bpNichol's famous pwoermd "em   ty". In my version, however, the Finnish word is actually "emptiness" (or tyhjyys). The obvious point being (well, for Finns, anyway), that if you insert an "m" (instead of a "j") in the middle, you get "tyhmyys," which pretty much equals "stupidity." I could have used, of course, the two appropriate adjectives as well, but then the result would have been a little lopsided (tyh  ä) and I didn't like it. I know it's silly, but I just couldn't resist it. Sorry.

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