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Sanarunojen taksonomiaa (tosikoille)

Tässä muuan luokitus sanarunoille (Figures of Pwoermds by Geof Huth):

assertion (the isolation of a single conventional word)

portmanteau (the blending of two words into one)

standard neologism (the creation of a new word, here assuming a process that employs the standard pieces of word-creation, the roots and affixes of the language)

apheresis (the elimination of a letter or letters from the beginning of a word)

syncope (the elimination of a letter or letters from the middle of a word)

apocope (the elimination of a letter or letters from the end of a word)

prosthesis (the addition of a letter or letters to the beginning of a word)

epenthesis (the addition of a letter or letters to the middle of a word)

proparalepsis (the addition of a letter or letters to the end of a word)

tmesis (the visual breaking, as with punctuation, of a word into two)

spontaneous neologism (an invented word that uses no roots or affixes of the writer's target language)


Ja toinen, jossa Geof kommentoi Jonathan Jonesin laajan sanarunokokoelman the fullcrumb series: 1-20 (i-iv) sisällysluetteloa:

1. mnml: These are usually exceedingly brief pwoermds ("qt," "nv," "ub") often eschewing vowels altogether or surprising us by their blankness ("qqqqqs," "gh st").

2. t X t / e =: These are pwoermds that, except in a single instance ("psilence"), are interrupted by punctuation marks ("( )mit," "/lf&ha/," "certain'ty"), and "psilence" fits in here by being interrupted by a psilent p.

3. nulojism: These are erotic neologistic pwoermds ("cun't," "qwhim," "peniscope," "errhotic").

4. anatome: These focus on the human anatomy ("fingernai(," "twrysts," "phlegmish," the last possibly influenced by Jonathan's current venue on the planet).

5. signusingnosis: These turn their attention to the celestial and astronomical ("planitinerary," "vacuumulate," "astrognomic").

6. sphunky: Incredibly, these focus on punk music, particularly the Sex Pistols, and their are only three pwoermds in this booklet, so I'll give you only one ("sexpistles").

7. extinglish: These are pwoermds that significantly fragment, fracture, reduce, or modify regular English words ("chune," "qwert," "pugn").

8. newsense: These focus on the news media. Honest. I don't make these things up. Jonathan does ("noosepaper," "mediochre").

9. poeworms: These are concerned with the macabre and magical ("inksense," "vampyrrhic").

10. punishmeant: I think the theme of these is completely self-evident, given the title ("antagonostic").

11. cygn: The title of this is one of the most beautiful pwoermds I've ever seen (cutting back an infant swan into a sign), and these concern the art of writing, or of making cygns ("writualistic").

12. animadversions: Each of these pwoermds is based on a pun on a word for an animal ("obskua," "aukword"). These are a kind of light verse pwoermd.

13. mistheard: These pwoermds deal with verbo-visual punning of an almost unbearably powerful sort ("trwooth," "debtknowtation").

14. nounsense: Another set of punning pwoermds, mostly in pairs (such as "naive/&/folk").

15. or/th/or: Three pwoermds based on the names of famous writers ("shapesphere").

16. quotidiom: Six pwoermds punned against the days of the week (why only six?: "satyriesundies").

17. thread: Three pwoermds about knitting, written for his wife K. ("gnittink").

18. riversing: Pwoermds focused on all things achqueous, eyecy, and misterious (don't blame Jonathan for those three; here are his: "'r'a'i'n'i'n'g'," "dr,p," "eddyfying").

19. nodebook: It seems to me that these are focused on writing as in the act a writer does ("apoethesis," " expunential").

20/i. apendisease (i): Kinda sexual, in two sections, the first of those all beginning with f's and those of the second punned against the names of flowers. ("foreskim," "faunication," "twolips").

20/ii apendisease (ii): Two sets again, one about joining ("togather") and one about breaking into pieces ("crumbpl").

20/iii apendisease (iii): One set for chemistry ("penisillin") and one for industry ("manufracture").

20/iv apendisease (iv): Two words: the beginning and the end ("ab(((((((((())))))))))yz)" and the end (well, I can't give it all away).

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